Whether you are a pet lover or know a pet lover, we are here to help! T-Shirts, Mugs Personalized Products, are a must buy for every pet lover!

           About Us

YourhappyPaw is an online store, established to help pet lovers show off their love for their pets.  

As proud dog parents ourselves we know that it feels so good to wear a shirt that lets the world know that you are a fan of our fury friends or that you are a proud dog mom or dad.

That's why our in-house designers and artists have created shirts with catch phrases and unique designs, all dedicated to pets and especially to our favorite pet – the dog. But our offering doesn't end there. We also offer personalized phone cases, pillows and mugs where you can print an image of your dog, cat or other beloved pet.


Dogs are a man's best friends and our mission is to help you celebrate this friendship in the best possible way. How do we do this? by creating a world of goods, dedicated to pets and especially to dogs, where you can find high quality products with unique pets designs and gifts to give to pet lovers.

On our site you can find the perfect gift to birthdays, anniversaries or holiday gifts. 

Whether it's a shirt with catch phrases dedicated to dogs or personalized mugs, pillows or phone cases, all our products celebrate the special bond between us and our fury friends.

And This Is Just The Beginning. We Are Constantly Creating New Designs And New Products That Have One Thing In Common – They Are All About Pets. We Will Never Stop Celebrating Our Love To Dogs And Creating New Ways For You To Express Your Love Too.

expanding day to day

We are committed to always update our collection, and add more gifts and products for you needs